BLM has been taken over by the Radical Left

We have been isolated from a cause we all want to help with.

Ending racism in society is vital and we should do all we can as groups, people with publications and indeed as a party to eradicate it from our communities and our nation, however the BLM movement has isolated the vast majority of people with their ludicrous ideas on social reform, erasing our heritage and ideas on our police; not to mention their intolerance towards anyone who doesn’t agree with the rest of their agenda. 

However, we need not feel disheartened nor disconnected with the fight to end racism. I know the vast, vast majority will be more determined than ever to tackle racism and seek to live in a more harmonious society.

We must admit, for a black person to feel in anyway inferior to a white person or feel the opportunities in life will be affected by their race is a blemish on our society we must eradicate immediately, but we cannot be under the illusion that in order to tackle racism we must support the BLM movement in its current form.

Rather, we must distance ourselves and challenge their radical, left wing agenda.

BLM is no longer an exclusively anti-racist movement. Instead it has allowed itself to be taken over by socialism and by those who wish to attack our history as well as our culture and beliefs.

In recent times they have labelled many ‘racist’; illustrious Britons such as Churchill and Peel, and others such as Gladstone simply because of their family ties. Sadly, for many in our present day, the title ‘racist’ will be inflicted upon them simply because they are conservative, patriotic, Christian-minded and do not support the BLM agenda in its entirety, including its radical views.

An example of this is clearly seen when the Foreign Secretary simply said he wouldn’t ‘take the knee’. This is a matter I agree with him on. ‘Taking the knee’ is as of much benefit to ending racism as burning a flag on the Cenotaph - absolutely none! I applaud the recent stance some football pundits have now taken for instance, those who have recognised the views BLM now support and cannot endorse such views with wearing a BLM badge.

These pundits are no less ‘anti-racist’ than those who choose to wear the badge, yet there will undoubtedly be backlash against them.

We long for the day when our nation totally rids itself of racism, and yes, as a country we have not done enough to tackle it. After the events of recent times we should be more determined than ever to cure this issue in society. However, this issue will not be resolved by vandalising the memorials of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country, nor toppling the statue of our greatest prime minister; someone who led this country to the greatest victory over fascism and racism the world has ever seen.

Pressure from the media and other organisations is sizeable; however we must stand fast on our principles and not be taken in by the current surge of pressure to endorse the BLM group simply because it is ‘fashionable’.

We must not allow the media or anyone else to tell us it is racist to love our country, stand up for Conservative values and uphold our beliefs.

It is a sad day when the fight against racism has been hijacked by a radical left wing movement and become a platform for political ideology. 

Joel Hetherington, member of Ellesmere Port and Neston Conservatives