Big News

News on multiple fronts this week has shocked, scared and amazed the British public (I won't go into which one of those applies to which, below)!

First of all, congratulations to Boris and Carrie on their engagement and news regarding the pregnancy. It's truly fantastic news and we wish them well.

There's also nothing like a well-timed announcement to take the wind out of Labour's sails, with their leadership ballots landing on doormats tomorrow.

Speaking of wind in sails, moving on into March we will be hoping that there is a little less stormy weather after the regions took a battering, with storm after storm raging through the UK bringing a torrent of rain and wind in their wake.

It was the wettest February on record, beating the previous 1990 record by some margin.

Notable has been the PM's absence from the flood-hit areas, but understandable. Visiting the flood-hit areas and seeing and helping the people affected should be the job of the local MP - we can't expect the PM to be everywhere, all of the time.

There have been other matters to deal with.

With the world on the brink of a pandemic, Boris will tomorrow chair a COBRA meeting to set in place a formal response mechanism for the British government.

It is worth stressing that whilst media hysteria, as usual, has whipped up fear in the public, there have only been 23 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the time of writing and all of them are in quarantine.

We have also learned the tough negotiating stance that the UK will set out when negotiating with the EU. Moving with his incredible electoral mandate, Boris has shown his government to be capable of setting the timetable for talks, even in this early stage.

Such is the tough new stance, we are set to walk away from negotiations six months early if it doesn't look like any progress will be made.

On an organisational front, Conservative Progress has expanded! We have our new team in place, which I'm sure you will be introduced to shortly, we have announced the annual conference for this year and we hope that, as ever, we can continue to rely upon your generous support.

So come to our conference and see some top speakers, come campaigning with us and help us continue the successes of the General Election, come and join the biggest and fastest-growing grassroots Conservative group in the United Kingdom.

It would be fantastic to welcome you.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress

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