BBC Survey: Your Responses

In the last survey, we asked you about the BBC licence fee, social media, freedom of speech online and more.

We are pleased to have received 3,045 responses, and the results were very interesting to see:

Do you believe that Twitter should remove offensive and/or abusive content?

Yes: 50%

No: 31.8%

Unsure: 18.2%

Do you agree with Twitter's decision to ban Katie Hopkins from Twitter?

Yes: 9%

No: 79.7%

Unsure: 11.3%

Do you believe that Twitter should flag 'fake news' or doctored videos?

Yes: 81.3% No: 12.1% Unsure: 6.6%

Do you use Twitter? Yes: 47.4% No: 52.6%

If you do currently use Twitter, have recent events around moderating users & content made you more likely to use other platforms that don't moderate content - such as 'Parler'?

Yes: 50.4% No: 27.3% Unsure: 22.2% Which statement best reflects your view on the BBC licence fee? It should be abolished: 93.7% The Licence Fee should be frozen but the BBC should remain a public service: 3.5% The Licence Fee should increase in line with inflation: 2% Unsure: 0.8% Do you believe that the current affairs output from the BBC is biased against Conservative policies and commentators? Yes: 96.2% No: 2.8% Unsure: 1%

Even more interestingly, our responses revealed quite a lot about our respondents. Of course, we will not disclose overly sensitive data, however the following is how respondents chose to define themselves:


Under 18: 0.1%

18 - 25: 1.5%

25 - 35: 2.9%

35 - 50: 13%

50 - 65: 45.5%

Over 65: 37%

Where in the UK do you live?

  • London: 5.4%

  • South East England: 16.6%

  • South West England: 14.3%

  • East of England: 8.5%

  • West Midlands: 7.9%

  • East Midlands: 8.7%

  • Yorkshire: 10.7%

  • North East England: 6.1%

  • North West England: 12.9% 

  • Scotland: 3.5%

  • Wales: 4.5%

  • Northern Ireland: 0.8%

Did you vote Conservative in the 2019 General Election?

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally Labour): 11.1%

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally UKIP/BP): 18.1%

Yes, I always vote Conservative: 65.1%

No - I voted Labour: 0.8% No - I voted Lib Dem: 0.3% No - I voted Brexit Party/UKIP: 4.7%

Member of the Conservative Party?

Yes: 60.6%

No: 39.4% Poll with 3,045 responses, conducted from Sunday 21st June 2020 to Friday 26th June 2020.

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