BBC Survey - the results are in!

Last weekend, we asked you to let us know your thoughts about what is probably one of the most controversial issues of the day. Whatever side of the political spectrum, the concept of the BBC is a matter extraordinaire - everyone has some sort of view on it. That is why, first of all, I want to thank so many of you for sharing your views with us - 1,708 people responded this week and the results were surprising.

First we asked about the licence fee itself, and what you would like to see happen with it. A staggering 92.1% said that they thought it should be abolished completely, with 4.3% saying that it should be frozen and 3% said that it should be allowed to increase in line with inflation.

The next question was on the topic of bias. We asked if you thought that the BBC's current affairs output is biased against Conservative policies and commentators. Similarly to question one, a particular option received a stark, vast majority. 93.8% said that it was, with the other 6.2% being split equally between 'No' and 'Unsure'.

76.1% of respondents said that they are not Conservative party members. We would like to thank you and your party member counterparts for your continued support, and don't forget; you can join here!

If you don't fancy joining but would like to lend a hand in the campaign against Corbyn, click here to find your local team and get involved!

Conservative Progress