A week of revelations

There is no such thing as a short space of time in politics.

It has been an astounding past week, with more energy, excitement and character from the Conservatives and with more cacaesthesian communism from Labour. That's not even mentioning the Brexit Party, but what could come of the events of the last 7 days? In short, the answer could well be anything.

I'm on pair of trainers number three already in this campaign, and not much will be able to slow me and similar people down. In fact, the urgency increases with every crazed policy announcement exiting the gnarled outlet of fantasyland – Labour HQ if you want to give it its proper name.

First, we had the standard “we'll nationalise utilities”. But then announcements took a turn for the drastic when the next thing to be announced was the nationalisation of BT, Talktalk, Sky and Virgin Media broadband – going off this ever expanding list, big service-providers must be in spaced-out purgatory right now.

In comparison, the relatively moderate announcements from the Conservatives have been so far well received, although we must take nothing for granted until the manifesto gets released in full going off last time!

Boris is promising to invest more in schools, police and our NHS. But more than that, he's pledging sensible, affordable figures; not a £1.2 trillion spending spree which would take us into territory not unfamiliar to modern-day Venezuelans.

Ironically, Corbyn has continuously referred to Venezuela as a model state, a model system. Doesn't that tell you all you need to know?

An economy that has shrunk 40% in two years, a country that has cracked down on political opponents, a president who has refused access to convoys of much-needed aid to his starving people – a model state.

I don't think so.

If that is Corbyn's vision for the UK, through similar social projects, similar state subsidisation and identical ideology, I don't want any part of it. It would be an unmitigated disaster.

It would take our economy back into recession, back into crisis and back to square one. Not very progressive...

Thankfully, in the words of a famed John Lewis advert – it's half the world away.

The people of the UK face a crucial choice on Thursday 12th December. This election is the most important election ever, more pivotal than ever before. The next government will either deliver Brexit and controlled economic growth and investment or deny the result of the referendum and bring total, unequivocal ruin on our precious country.

Jack Rydeheard, editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress