A letter from Boris Johnson to Conservative Progress supporters

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have written to Conservative Progress supporters and BluePrint readers to outline their plans for the Conservative Party and the country. Today, we share Boris's letter with you.

Dear Conservative Progress supporters,

For three years, we have been repeatedly told that ‘nothing has changed’. Well, my friends, the time has come for everything to change. Brexit must be delivered, and it must be delivered by 31 October. The last three years of dither and delay, combined with the constant attempts to overturn the referendum result, have destroyed what little faith there was in our politics. As a result, we find ourselves in a precarious situation.

The future of the Conservative Party is now on the line – and that is because of our failure to deliver Brexit. Make no mistake, if we fail to deliver on that historic vote by 31 October, that decline will become terminal. If we kick the can once more, we will kick the bucket.

Rather than embracing the historic opportunities that Brexit offers, it has often seemed that, over the last three years, our leaders have seen Brexit as a problem to be mitigated. The result? Proposals like Chequers and the backstop that are far away from the promises of 2016. No wonder so many people are fed up.

Our party is at is strongest when it is in tune with the hopes and aspirations of Britain’s hard-working, law-abiding majority, and when it governs through clear Conservative principles. Today, the public can see that we have lost our way and have become detached from the concerns and priorities of hardworking people. In addition to our failure to deliver Brexit, they can see that the tax burden is far too high, offenders are being released early, the young cannot buy their own homes and people worry about the future of our public services. All this while the proto-Marxist, Chavez-worshipping, anti-Semitism-appeasing Jeremy Corbyn is waiting in the wings.

We need to show that we have a vision for the future of the country and a roadmap to get there. Over the last few weeks I have set out my vision for our party and country. I believe we must go back to championing our beliefs in low taxes, free markets, the rule of law, property ownership and choice. Put simply, it is time to put the Conservative back into the Conservative Party again.

The stakes could not be higher. We need a renaissance in our democracy and inspiring new leadership delivering positive change rather than sitting on the side-lines watching Corbyn and his socialists wreck our nation.

I believe in the potential of our great nation and that I will deliver for Britain. That means no more flip-flopping on Brexit, taking tough action on crime, supporting police funding, and boosting our schools to tackle inequality. I will 'level up' our whole county, and support the extraordinary success of our private sector to create more growth and more jobs all over the UK.

It is time to restore the spirit of public service to our politics and stand up for the people of our country once again. It's time to make sure we deliver Brexit on 31 October; time to unite our country and party; and time to defeat Jeremy Corbyn once and for all. Best wishes,

Boris Johnson MP

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