A Blue-Collar Changing of the Garde

155 new MPs, 109 new Conservative MPs, a transferring of power in Northern heartlands; the election gone by has been an election the likes of which, myself included, have never seen before. A red wall demolished, the beast of Bolsover slain and a blue wave raging through the red wall for the first time in many of our lifetimes - this democratic outpouring of intolerance to misrepresentation will never be forgotten.

Not by the new government, not by anyone.

There is a change in Westminster not just in personnel, but in attitude. It's a clear difference in culture. Walking around the place, one can see just how much this is the case. One MP commented to me just last Thursday that "there is finally a real appetite to give the North what it deserves, what it has been lacking for so long". Another told me that "It's great that we're going to be able to pass bills and make a difference now".

I wasn't the only one in parliament on Thursday.

Walking in, I walked right past Guy Verhofstadt. Now with ten fewer Liberal Democrats to welcome him, he cut a peculiar figure in the Commons buildings. It was safe to say that no Conservative was running up to greet him, but there was an overwhelming sense of tolerance and respect in the place.

As I sat with one of the MPs I had come to meet, she said "Do you know Guy Verhofstadt is over there?" I said that I'd seen him on the way in, to which she replied "No disrespect to him, but hopefully it's the last time we see him in person."

I then met up with the new MP from my own constituency after that, with whom I had a catch up and during which he said that it was "the honour of my life" to be elected to represent my constituency.

Similar words seem to be being said by quite a few members of the Commons, and it's very refreshing.

No longer do we have Members of Parliament hell-bent on deadlocking our great democratic institutions, but born-again, constituent-focused public servants.

They are, overall, humble, ordinary people, who have life experience and know the struggles which a lot of us go through. We have on our benches doctors, solicitors, farmers, service personnel and entrepreneurs - a wealth of life experience to help improve those of many others.

Now, we have the power to do so. It promises to be an inspiring five years.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress