15 July 2017: What next for the Conservative Party?

Join Conservative Progress & London Conservatives on Saturday July 15th for a big, all-day event, bringing together leaders from the Parliamentary and Grassroots Party, as well as commentators, to look to generate innovative solutions to improve our campaign performance in future.

For just £10 you'll get full access to the conference as well as lunch and a pamphlet with proposals on the areas being discussed.

This event is an attempt to launch a positive, forward-looking evaluation of where we stand as a Party, and how we move forward. Our agenda will include sessions on:

1. Party reform: Revitalising the grassroots party 2. Reviving our campaign machine 3. Appealing to the future: Winning young voters 4. Winning in London 5. Effective digital campaigning 6. Communicating our message beyond our traditional base

Our full speaker lineup will be announced shortly! For security reasons the location will only be communicated via email to registered guests, but we can confirm it will be in Central London within a short distance of a major tube & train station.