Help us regain our Conservative majority

Conservative Progress are proud to launch our new campaigning project, #ConservativeMajority. We are asking all our supporters, activists and friends get involved over the coming year and help shape the Conservative fightback across the UK.

Our vision is to build not just for the next election, but for the next five elections. This is a combination of fighting to keep our current seats and campaigning in areas where we can rebuild our majority in the next 3-5 years.


Our approach is to 'campaign and train'. All of our campaign sessions will be preceded by a training session hosted in the locality before we campaign. This training will focus on a range of campaigning elements from managing a campaign, messaging, engagement. 


While we will work around the UK, we will naturally focus on the next important set of elections coming up, namely the GLA elections in London. 


If you want to join our campaign, please get in touch with Our Campaign Director, Alan O'Kelly at or join our mailing list.

Activist training

Over the past couple of years, we have trained over 1000 conservative activists in skills including digital campaigning, public speaking and campaign management.


We've been to London, Birmingham, Exeter and Plymouth, and we've worked with local associations, council groups and regional Party structures.